PCA tutorial

The tutorial by Rasmus Bro and Age K. Smilde "Principal Component Analysis" in Analytical Methods 6:2812-2831, 2014" is freely available!



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(April 2014)

ICRM 2014

6th International Chemometrics Research Meeting 2014 will be held September 14 to 18 in Berg en Dal/Nijmegen, The Netherlands.



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(April 2014)

Copenhagen School of Chemometrics CSC – 2014

CHANCE is to announce the second edition of the Copenhagen School of Chemometrics CSC – 2014.


CSC is a five-week school designed to be an introduction to different key aspects of advanced data analysis in science. CSC addresses to PhD students/post-docs, associate professors, industrial partners, etc. who want to acquire or refresh basic knowledge on multivariate data analysis from different disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences, etc.).


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(Jan 2014)

CAC 2014

The Chemistry Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA, is hosting the conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry 2014 from June 9-13, 2014.


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(July 2013)

NIRPerformance FEED

NIRperformance.com is an online resource on near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in the feed industry offering objective advice and know-how. It discusses the latest developments and concerns within feed production and infrared analysis. Experts contribute useful information and resources and engage in insightful discussions so that everyone can benefit from an active, focused feed industry network.


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(May 2013)


Q&T is happy to announce that the youtube channel of ”lessons in chemometrics” has arrived to the incredible amount of 100.000 visitors!

We want to thank to all the visitors and the more than 240 subscribers for their interest. And also for the comments posted in the different videos.

We encourage researchers to use the videos and send comments and questions either through the youtube channel or by email to qualityandtechnologymail@gmail.com.

Again, thank YOU very much!


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(Feb 2013)


ISPE Nordic PAT COP invites you to the Spring Meeting on the topic of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), held May 6th 2014 at Umetrics, Stortorget 21, Malmö, Sweden


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(March 2014)

Tutorial review in Analytical Methods

#1 in the "top ten most accessed Analytical Methods"!

Fluorescence spectroscopy and multi-way techniques - PARAFAC, by Kathleen R. Murphy, Colin A. Stedmon, Daniel Graeber and Rasmus Bro 
DOI: 10.1039/c3ay41160e
(Feb 2014)

PAT in downstream bioprocessing

Monitoring an enzyme purification process using on-line and in-line NIR measurements by Anna Klimkiewicz, Peter Paasch Mortensen, Christian B. Zachariassen and Frans van den Berg, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 132(2014)30–38
(Jan 2014)


XII International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science: Defining Food by Magnetic Resonance
May 20th - 23th, 2014, Cesena, Italy

(Oct 2013)

Europact 2014

3rd European Conference on Process Analytics and Control Technology, May 6-9, 2014, Barcelona, Spain



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(Sep 2013)