MATLAB CMTF Toolbox 1.1

The CMTF Toolbox has been developed to jointly analyze heterogeneous data sets (i.e., data sets in the form of matrices and higher-order tensors)  using coupled matrix and tensor factorizations (CMTF). In the presence of missing data, CMTF models are fit to the known entries only. First-order unconstrained optimization is used to fit the CMTF models.

The latest version of the MATLAB CMTF Toolbox was released in December 2014, and can now handle sparse tensors (sptensors from the Tensor Toolbox).

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(Feb. 2015)

ODIN courses program 2016


MAY 15th - JUNE 9th, 2017

CSC-2017 is a five-week school designed to be an introduction to different key aspects of advanced data analysis in science. CSC-2017 addresses to PhD students/post-docs, associate professors, etc. who want to acquire or refresh basic knowledge on multivariate data analysis from different disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences, etc.). CSC-2017 also addresses to researchers working in industry or research laboratories who want to implement multivariate data analysis in their daily research environment.