MATLAB CMTF Toolbox 1.1

The CMTF Toolbox has been developed to jointly analyze heterogeneous data sets (i.e., data sets in the form of matrices and higher-order tensors)  using coupled matrix and tensor factorizations (CMTF). In the presence of missing data, CMTF models are fit to the known entries only. First-order unconstrained optimization is used to fit the CMTF models.

The latest version of the MATLAB CMTF Toolbox was released in December 2014, and can now handle sparse tensors (sptensors from the Tensor Toolbox).

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(Feb. 2015)

ODIN courses program 2016


April 18th until May 26th, 2016

Dear all,

On behalf of Spectroscopy and Chemometrics (SPECC) group, it is my pleasure to open the subscription for the COPENHAGEN SCHOOL of CHEMOMETRICS – 2016 (CSC-2016).

- CSC-2016 will be held from April 18th until May 26th.

- CSC-2016 is FREE of charge for students at any level.

- PhD students can obtain a maximum of 12 ECTS.

We will count with highly recognized chemometricians as lecturers/teachers: Frans van den Berg, Riccardo Leardi, Thomas Skov, Tormod Næs, Rasmus Bro, Age Smilde, Åsmund Rinnan, Evrim Acar, Neal Galhaguer, Federico Marini and myself.

Bonus track: There is the possibility to attend the “Introduction to Matlab for Multivariate Data Analysis” PhD course (see further information).

The maximum number of participants will be 20 participants per seminar. Therefore, I strongly recommend to contact me as soon as possible for keeping your seat!

How to enroll in the CSC-2016? Please, send us an e-mail ( with the information requested in the attached files 



Please click here to download further information

(September 2015)