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The FDOMcorr toolbox for MATLAB

The FDOMcorr toolbox for MATLAB

Sept. 19, 2011


The FDOMcorr toolbox has been developed to simplify and automate the correction of dissolved organic matter (DOM) fluorescence (EEM) datasets and facilitate comparisons between datasets collected by different researchers.


The FDOMcorr toolbox version 1.6 consists of five MATLAB executable files (M-files) designed to run with a template:


  1. ReadInEEMs.m : loads individual EEMs into a 3D matrix in preparation for further processing.
  2. ReadInScans.m : loads individual scans into a 2D matrix in preparation for further processing.
  3. MatchSamples.m : inflates a smaller dataset X2 (e.g. blanks) to pair with samples in dataset X1 (e.g. sample EEMs).
  4. RamanIntegrationRange.m : calculates the optimal range of emission intensities for determining Raman areas from spectral datasets.
  5. FDOMcorrect.m : implements algorithms for correcting spectral data for instrument bias and calibrating intensities to standardized units.
  6. FDOMcorrect template.m : a template illustrating the steps for implementing the complete EEM correction process. The template should be adapted by the user to accommodate their datasets.


This toolbox version has been tested in MATLAB 2010a. While FDOMcorr ver. 1.6 includes revisions to increase its compatibility with earlier versions of MATLAB, it is possible that some early versions may not be able to execute all files.



1. Murphy, K. R.; Butler, K. D.; Spencer, R. G. M.; Stedmon, C. A.; Boehme, J. R.; Aiken, G. R., (2010). The measurement of dissolved organic matter fluorescence in aquatic environments: An interlaboratory comparison. Environmental Science and Technology, 44, 9405–9412. Free download

2. Murphy, K. R. (2011), A note on determining the extent of the water Raman peak in fluorescence spectroscopy. Applied Spectroscopy. 65(2), 233-236



link to toolbox v 1.6 (zip)
link to toolbox v 1.5 (zip)

Trouble shooting and FAQ:

link to FAQ v 1.6
link to FAQ v 1.5

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