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Welcome to the homepage of “Copenhagen School of Chemometrics. CSC-2017”. On these pages you will find information about the course, its structure, the examination and other relevant aspects. If you have any comments or questions, just send an e-mail to


Practical details 

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Course credit: Up to 12 ECTS-points
Course responsible: José Manuel Amigo
Course arrangements: Up to 5 weeks
Period: May 15th – June 9th, 2017
Place: Frederiksberg campus, Denmark
Language: English
Type of Evaluation: Written report
Software: Check further information
Data: Please bring your own data. Otherwise we will provide data.


What's learned?

Copenhagen School of Chemometrics - CSC
CSC-2017 is a five-week school designed to be an introduction to different key aspects of advanced data analysis in science. CSC-2017 addresses to PhD students/post-docs, associate professors, etc. who want to acquire or refresh basic knowledge on multivariate data analysis from different disciplines (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology, Environmental Sciences, etc.). CSC-2017 also addresses to researchers working in industry or research laboratories who want to implement multivariate data analysis in their daily research environment.
CSC-2017 is thought to be an intensive school. Therefore, CSC-2017 will be held in five weeks structured in different seminars/workshops where the students will be more than welcome to work with their own data together with highqualified teachers.
CSC-2017 will be held from May 15th until June 9th.

This edition we will count with:

- Prof. Tormod Næs, giving the inaugural lecture: What is Chemometrics?

- Linear Models: Prof. Age Smilde and Dr. Federico Marini.

- Linear Algebra: Dr. Morten A. Rasmussen.

- Design of Experiments: Prof. Riccardo Leardi.

- Explorative Data Analysis: Prof. Rasmus Bro.

- Multivariate Regression: Dr. José Manuel Amigo.

- Multivariate Curve Resolution: Dr. Anna de Juan.

- Linear Classification: Dr. Davide Ballabio.

- Variable selection methods: Dr. Åsmund Rinnan.

- Measurement Error: Prof. Peter Wentzell.

- How NOT to make Chemometrics: Prof. Rasmus Bro and Dr. José Manuel Amigo.


CSC-2017 is open to ALL people interested in learning Chemometrics. Moreover, the PhD students will be able to obtain up to 12 ECTS credits. Remember that there is no a minimum of seminars to attend.

The main novelty with respect past editions is that the subscription must be done via on-line in the following link:

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