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The drEEM toolbox for MATLAB

The drEEM toolbox (decomposition routines for Excitation Emission Matrices) has been developed to support and extend the application of PARAFAC to fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrix (EEM) datasets.


The toolbox contains numerous MATLAB functions for importing, assembling and exporting datasets, applying spectral corrections, visualising EEMs, detecting sample outliers, and developing and validating PARAFAC models. drEEM uses the embedded N-way toolbox as its PARAFAC engine.


The drEEM software is released in conjunction an article in Analytical Methods, published as part of a Special Issue (web collection) on the topic of Tutorials in Advanced Data Analysis.


If you use drEEM we would appreciate a citation to:

Murphy KR, Stedmon CA, Graeber D, Bro R. (2013). Fluorescence spectroscopy and multi-way techniques. PARAFAC. Analytical Methods 5, 6557-6566. DOI:10.1039/c3ay41160e.


The latest version is here:


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