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II International Workshop on Multivariate Image Analysis

Organized by the Multivariate Statistical Engineering Group in Valencia, Spain, 23-24 May 2013. 


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(Nov 2012)

“How to implement PAT and QbD in your manufacturing”



On 17-20 June 2013, the 13th Scandinavian Symposium on Chemometrics (SSC13) that will take place in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. 


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Check out Loads2Chrom, free software to identify modelled peaks from GC-MS datasets.

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(Aug 2012)

Prestigious prize awarded to Q&T professor

Tormod Næs from Nofima who holds a professorship in our group has been awarded the ‘2012 Kowalski prize’ for the best theoretical paper published in the Journal of Chemometrics in 2010 and 2011. The prize was granted for the paper


The DOSY Toolbox

Mathias Nilsson made available a free, open source programme for processing PFG NMR diffusion data (a.k.a. DOSY data).



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(June 2012)

Integrative Process Analysis and Understanding


The Copenhagen Chemometric Session

CHANCE Seminar 03 - Advanced Classification Methods by Dr. Federico Marini

Editors Pick

Researchers from Q&T and Novo Nordisk were Editors Pick for their paper utilizing chemomtrics to unravel the biology of a drug from a small phase 1 trial.


Download the paper here and the editors pick here.



Fødevareingredienser - et dansk væksteventyr
Sundhed, Fødevareforsyning, Bæredygtighed, Fødevaresikkerhed,
12. september, 2013, 10:00-­17:30h, Axelborg, København


CAC 2014

The Chemistry Department at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA, is hosting the conference on Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry 2014 from June 9-13, 2014.


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(July 2013)

Invitation to PhD defense

Anja Niehues Birch 

Monday Juli 1st  2013 at 13:00

Auditorium A1-01.01 (Festauditoriet), Bülowsvej 17, Frederiksberg C.

Title: Aroma of wheat bread crumb - Effect of fermentation temperature and baker’s yeast 

FOOD entrepreneurship

A summer school about designing new business opportunities in the food sector (LLEB10300 – 5 ECTS)





I Escola de Inverno de Quimiometrica


1st Chemometric Winter School in São Carlos, Brasil, August 26-30, 2013. Courses on handling measurement errors, applied chemometrics, Second order calibration, variable selection and many other subjects. See for registration and more information see this link.



Invitation to PhD defense

Karla Michelle Deza Durand 

Tuesday 9th of April at 13:00.
Auditorium A2-82.01. Vandrehallen. 


Chemometrics for Process Monitoring

Three day course from April 8th to 10th, 2013, held in Modena, Italy.