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Clone of Q&T boosts teaching in metabolomics

Hello world!New PhD course (LPhD168) in pre-processing of proton NMR data prior to chemometric modelling.


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CHemometric ANalysis CEnter

The CHemometric ANalysis CEnter (CHANCE) is very pleased to announce its new series of seminars for 2012. 
The seminars are prepared always having in mind the researchers, MsC and PhD students who want to learn how to extract more information from their data sets and to improve their experimental designs by using advanced data analysis techniques.


The Quality and Technology group has (re-)launched a YouTube channel. The channel is called “QualityAndTechnology” and the aim of is to provide chemometrics information and courses. Please go and have a look! For now, there is an introductory course available on PCA and more movies and courses will follow.

Try interesting multi-way data

We have put up a page with interesting and challenging data sets for people working with tensors/multi-way data sets. Check out the page and see if you can find the solution to the two-factor degeneracy problem and thereby help advancing the field.

Rasmus Bro awarded the Herman Wold Gold Medal

At the recent Scandinavian symposium in chemometrics, the prestigious Herman Wold Gold Medal was awarded to Prof. Rasmus Bro. The medal given by the Svenska Kemistsamfundet (The Swedisch Chemical Society), and has only been given ten times.

Mikael Agerlin Pedersen Awarded The LIFE Innovation Prize

Together with three colleagues from Food Microbiology (MogensJakobsen, Lene Jespersen and Dennis S. Nielsen), Mikael was awarded the LIFE innovation prize for the development of a new fermentation method of cocoa beans that leads to a new and improved chocolate taste and which increases the profit for the Ghanaians chocolate farmers.


Investigation of suitability of NIR for monitoring a foaming process

- a link between process settings and product performance?

Master defence by Jannie Krog Jensen, Monday May 16th 10:00h in room R437.
Supervisors: Frans v.d. Berg, Anna C. Jørgensen (Ferrosan MD) and Jørgen Wolff (Ferrosan MD)

 (May 2011)


Søren Balling Engelsen is leader of the metabonomics work package in a new FP7 European Project: Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods improving health in population groups at risk of poverty.

2nd International Food-Omics Conference

A science for nutrition, health and wellness in the post-genomic era Cesena (Italy), June 22-24, 2011

Chair: Professor Francesco Capozzi

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

Applied in Cancer Diagnostics and Metabonomics

Invitation to PhD defense - Lea Giørtz Johnsen

Monday 4th March at 13:00
Auditorium A1-01.01 (Festauditoriet),
Bülowsvej 17, Frederiksberg C



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(Feb 2013)


February 1st 2013 was the official opening of BIOPRO!


Alternativ desinfektion og forbedring af produktionshygiejnen

Date: March 14th, 2013, 9:00-16:00h

Where: FORCE Technology, Vejen, Denmark

Registration deadline: March 1st, 2013

(Jan 2013)

New Editorial on Q&T research paper

A new editorial has appeared on the Q&T paper "Characterization of hydrogen bond perturbation in aqueous systems using

aquaphotomics and multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares" in spectroscopyNOW.com

Editorial in SpectroscopyNOW

NIR User Day – Process Optimization Workshop

QbD partner Sartorius Stedim organizes a NIR-spectroscopy users day on process optimization in Goettingen, Gerrmany, February 13-14, 2013.


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(Jan 2013)

Brighter near infrared light for food analysis

A new HT research project is looking at how a new, much brighter form of infrared light can be used for routine analysis in food and feed analysis.


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(Jan 2013)

Invitation to PhD defense

Mette Skau Mikkelsen 

Friday January 11th 2013 at 13:00
Auditorium A2-70.04 (former 3-14), Thorvaldsensvej 40, Frederiksberg C


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Proteins from Plants - extraction, processing and functionality

Date: 9 January 2013, 10:00-17:00h

Where: Technological Institute, Aarhus

Registration deadline: 7 January 2013

(Dec 2012)

Editorial on Q&T research paper

An editorial has appeared on the Q&T paper "Plant metabolomics: Resolution and quantification of elusive peaks in liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry profiles of complex plant extracts using multi-way decomposition methods" in SeparationsNOW.com

Imaging Food Quality

Date: 15 January 2013, 10:00-17:00h

Where: Danish Technological Institute, Conference room, Gregersensvej 1, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark
Registration - Registration deadline: 10 January 2013
Price: DKK 600 excl. VAT

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