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NSIMCA Toolbox for multi-way classification

NSIMCA Toolbox:  short User Guide

The essential structure of NSIMCA toolbox is described here as well as a few essential Guidelines. NSIMCA is written in MATLAB and requires Nway Toolbox 3.1, misstoolbox and a few basic statistics routine (all is included in the NSIMCA folder). The toolbox is available from:

If you use the NSIMCA toolbox for MATLAB we would appreciate a reference to:


C. Durante, R. Bro, M. Cocchi, A classification tool for N-way array based on SIMCA methodology, Chemometrics & Intelligent Laboratory Systems. 106 (2011), 73-85.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to mail us (Marina Cocchi).

The NSIMCA toolbox consists of six main routines:

  1. NSIMCA.m  (main computing models for each category)
  2. Nclass.m (classification routine making class assignment)
  3. toplot.m (routine calculating and making plots of SENS, SPEC, efficiency vs. number of factors. Asking user for best combination and saving SENS/SPEC tables for best)
  4. NSIMCA_QTplots.m (graphical routine to make “alternative SIMCA” T2 vs. Q plots for each class)
  5. make_Coomans_simca.m (routine to calculate and save distances to classes as in “original-SIMCA” and parameters for F-test)
  6. toplot_coomans.m (graphical routine to make Coomans plots)

Download:  NSIMCA toolbox version 1.0

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