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Multi-way analysis - PhD course

Welcome to the homepage of “Multi-way Analysis”. On these pages you will find information about the course, its structure, the examination and other relevant aspects. If you have any comments or questions, just send an e-mail to


NSIMCA Toolbox for multi-way classification

NSIMCA Toolbox:  short User Guide

The essential structure of NSIMCA toolbox is described here as well as a few essential Guidelines. NSIMCA is written in MATLAB and requires Nway Toolbox 3.1, misstoolbox and a few basic statistics routine (all is included in the NSIMCA folder). The toolbox is available from:

If you use the NSIMCA toolbox for MATLAB we would appreciate a reference to:


Fluoerescence EEM tools

Modeling fluorescence EEM data in MATLAB


The following page is originally based on a white paper by Rasmus Bro and Neal Gallagher from Eigenvector, Inc.


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