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Theses defended at KU.FOOD.CAT


Characterization of surface fouling and biofilm formation under water reuse scenarios in dairy and meat industry

New tools for exploratory analysis fusing information from different sources
 Author  Iuliana Madalina Stoica  Author  Nicola Cavallini
 Defense  September 2018  Defense  March 2019
 Document  PDF (12MB), English  Document  PDF (20MB), English-

Educometrics : from theory to application

Chemometrics and Process Analytical Technology: Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries
 Author  Thomaz Edson Veloso Da Silva  Author  Francisca Folque Gouveia
 Defense  December 2017  Defense  March 2018
 Document  PDF (2MB), English  Document  PDF (8MB), English-

Near infrared spectroscopy of food systems using a supercontinuum laser

Process-water characterisation and quality monitoring in the dairy industry - moving towards replacing potable water
 Author  Tine Ringsted  Author  Peter Bæk Skou
 Defense  June 2017  Defense  December 2017
 Document  PDF (13MB), English  Document  PDF (25MB), English

A 'FOODOMIC' approach for the evaluation of Food Quality and its impact on the Human Metabolome

NMR-based metabolomics applications: from food to human biofluids
 Author  Alessia Trimigno  Author  Nunzia Iaccarino
 Defense  2017  Defense  2017
 Document  PDF (7MB), English  Document  PDF (16MB), English


On-line Monitoring of Fermentation Processes by Near Infrared and Fluorescence Spectroscopy - elucidating and exploring process dynamics

Method development in the area of multi-block analysis focused on food analysis
 Author  Carina Svendsen  Author  Alessandra Biancolillo
 Defense  September 2016  Defense  November 2016
 Document  PDF (40MB), English  Document  PDF (8MB), English


Multivariate Statistical Process Optimization in the Industrial Production of Enzymes

Prediction of milk quality parameters using vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics
– opportunities and challenges in milk phenotyping
 Author  Anna Klimkiewics  Author  Carl Emil Aae Eskildsen
 Defense  April 2016  Defense  May 2016
 Document  PDF (12MB), English  Document  PDF (21MB), English


Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and NIR chemical imaging as process monitoring solutions in production of solid dosage forms

Metabolic profiling of food protective cultures by in vitro NMR spectroscopy

 Author  Milad Khorasani  Author  Parvaneh Ebrahimi
 Defense  July 2015  Defense  September 2015
 Document  PDF (9MB), English  Document  PDF (29MB), English


Investigation of Filtration Membranes from the Dairy Protein
Industry for Residual Fouling using Infrared Spectroscopy

Lameness Detection Studies in Dairy Cows: Pattern Recognition in AMS, Visual Mobility Scoring, Long Term Dynamics

 Author  Jannie Krog Jensen  Author  Emanuel Garcia
 Defense  May 2015  Defense  June 2015
 Document  PDF (31MB), English  Document  PDF (32 MB), English



Dietary Patterns in Childhood
Relation to Growth, Obesity & Parental Characteristics

Discovery of food exposure markers in urine and evaluation of dietary compliance by untargeted LC-MS metabolomics

 Author  Louise Beltoft Borup Andersen  Author  Maj-Britt Schmidt Andersen
 Defense  October 2014  Defense  January 2014
 Document  PDF (5 MB), English  Document  PDF (9MB), English



New PAT tools for assessing content uniformity, sampling error,
and degree of crystallinity in pharmaceutical tablets

New Ways to Determine Plant Nutrient
Deficiencies Using Fast Spectroscopy
 Author  Solveig Warnecke  Author  Marie van Maarschalkerweerd
 Defense  January 2014  Defense  June 2014
 Document  PDF (13 MB), English  Document  PDF (9 MB), English



Applications of Raman Spectroscopy and Multivariate Data Analysis in Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Towards improved biomarker research
Data analytical challenges of igh-dimensional biological data

 Author  Lotte Bøge Lyndgaard  Author  Karin Kjeldahl
 Defense  December 2013  Defense  February 2014
 Document  PDF (25 MB), English  Document  PDF (10 MB), English


From Barley to Beer
Oxidation througout the brewing process


from a chemometrics point of view

 Author  Signe Hoff  Author  Maja H. Kamstrup-Nielsen
 Defense  November 2013  Defense  November 2013
 Document  PDF (11 MB), English  Document  PDF (6 MB), English



Effect of fermentation temperature and baker’s yeast

Metabolomics and bioactive substances in plants

 Author  Anja Niehues Brich  Author  Bekzod Khakimov Bahromovich
 Defense  July 2013  Defense  November 2013
 Document  PDF (9.1 MB), English  Document  PDF (55 MB), English



Processing chromatographic signals - how to separate the wheat from the chaff


Factors important for the shelf-life of minimally processed lettuce

 Author  Lea Giørtz Johnsen  Author  Karla M. Deza Durand
 Defense  March 2013  Defense  April 2013
 Document  PDF (8.2 MB), English  Document  PDF (19.6 MB), English



Comparison of functional and nutritional characteristics of barley and oat mixed linkage β-glucans






Data Handeling Strategies in Nutritional Metabolomics - illustrated using metabolic states and trans-fat exposures
 Author  Mette Skau Mikkelsen  Author  Gözde Gürdeniz
 Defense  January 2013  Defense  February 2013
 Document  PDF (8.8 MB), English  Document  PDF (9.3 MB), English



Phytases in Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Grain-based Food




 Bootstrap-based Confidence Estimation in PCA and Multivariate Statistical Process Control
 Author  Lina Nuobariene  Author  Hamid Babamoradi
 Defense  October 2012  Defense  November 2012
 Document  PDF (13.4 MB), English  Document  PDF (9.5 MB), English


Chemical and Structural Characterisation of Marama Bean (Tylosema esculentum) Carbohydrates


Dynamic Models and Chemometric 
Tools for Process Monitoring

 Author  Mina Mmoni Mosele  Author  Jones Hoeg Thygesen
 Defense  June 2012  Defense  July 2012
 Document  PDF (4.5 MB), English  Document  PDF (11.3 MB), English

The Effect of Ethylene Inhibition on "Ildrød Pigeon" Apple Quality and Aroma Profile


The Marama Bean 
Composition & Potential

 Author  Marta Jolanda Popielarz  Author  Mette Holse
 Defense  March 2012  Defense  March 2012
 Document  PDF (7.2 MB), English  Document  PDF (16.9 MB), English

Volatile Organic Compounds as Quality Markers in Cooked and Sliced Meat Products



 Author  Esben Skibsted Holm  Author  Morten Arendt Rasmussen
 Defense  January 2012  Defense  May 2012
 Document  PDF (4.1 MB), English  Document  PDF (5.6MB), English

Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometrcis
- Applied in Cancer Diagnostics and Metabonomics

Effect and Exposure Markers of Apple and Pectin Intake

 Author  Anders Juul Lawaetz  Author  Mette Kristensen
 Defense  January 2011  Defense  August 2011
 Document  PDF (3.6 MB), English  Document  PDF (11 MB), English

Influence of raw material and processing
on aroma in chocolate

New Tools For Assessment of Chromatographic Data

 Author  Margaret Owusu  Author  Kristoffer Laursen
 Defense  December 2010  Defense  May 2011
 Document  PDF (2.1 MB), English  Document  PDF (4.6 MB), English

Molecular Structure and Functionality of
Health Promoting Molecules in Food
- with emphasis on β-glucan


Optimization of Dairy Processes
- Applied Spectroscopy and Chemometrics


 Author  Niels Johan Christensen  Author  Christian Lyndgaard Hansen
 Defense  November 2009  Defense  December 2010
 Document  PDF (8.2 MB), English  Document  PDF (14.2 MB), English

Near-infrared Chemical Imaging in Formulation
Development of Solid Dosage Forms


Alginate Composition by Solid-State Spectroscopy and Chemometrics


 Author  Carsten Ravn  Author  Tina Salomonsen
 Defense  April 2009  Defense  June 2009
 Document  PDF (7.2 MB), English  Document  PDF (22.2 MB), English

Handling Complex Data in Food Analysis
A Chemometric Approach

Quantitative multivariate NMR spectroscopy in Food Science and Nutrition

 Author  Vibeke Tølbøl Svensson  Author  Hanne Winning
 Defense  March 2009  Defense  March 2009
 Document  PDF (7.5 MB), English  Document  PDF (7.2 MB), English

Molecular Modeling and NMR
Studies of Starch Structural Motifs

Food uses of enzyme-modified starches

 Author  Peter Ibsen Hansen  Author  Michael Riis Hansen
 Defense  September 2008  Defense  February 2009
 Document  PDF (32.3 MB), English  Document  PDF (3.4 MB), English

Mathematical Resolution of
Complex Chromatographic Measurements

Understanding Epilepsy Seizure Structures
Using Tensor Analysis

 Author  Thomas Skov  Author  Evrim Acar
 Defense  June 2008  Defense  May 2008
 Document  PDF (11.0 MB), English  Document  PDF (3.9 MB), English

Phenomic study of glucan synthesis in developing barley endosperm mutant seeds
using spectroscopy, chemometrics and spectral inspection


 Author  Helene Fast Seefeldt  Author  
 Defense  February 2008  Defense  
 Document  PDF (7.0 MB), English  Document  

Wheat baking quality
in a process analytical perspective
Sampling, diversification, prediction
and chemometric method development

The fate of phytic acid and vitamin E
during processing of rye and wheat

 Author  Erik Tønning  Author  Merete Møller Nielsen
 Defense  November 2007  Defense  December 2007
 Document  PDF (13.6 MB), English  Document  PDF (8.9 MB), English

Practical and computational aspects
in chemometric data analysis

Process Analytical Chemistry and
Technology in Pectin Production

 Author  Giorgio Tomasi  Author  Christian B. Zachariassen
 Defense  May 2006  Defense  June 2007
 Document  PDF (5.6 MB), English  Document  PDF (13.3MB), English

Aroma of black currant juice
The effect of thermal treatment and juice concentration

The Importance of Data Quality and Traceability
in Data Mining. Applications of Robust Methods
for Multivariate Data Analysis.
A Case-Study Conducting the Herring Industry

 Author  Camilla Varming  Author  Stina Frosch Møller
 Defense  November 2005  Defense  December 2005
 Document  PDF (13.0 MB), English  Document  PDF (5.2 MB), English

Formation of Aroma Compounds in Leek during Processing and Storage
- with Emphasis on the Enzymes Lipoxygenase, Hydroperoxide Lyase, Alcohol Dehydrogenase, and Alliinase

Autofluorescence of Intact Food
An Exploratory Multi-way Study

 Author  Ghita Studsgaard Nielsen  Author  Jakob Christensen
 Defense  April 2004  Defense  April 2005
 Document  PDF (12.9 MB), English  Document  PDF (6.5 MB), English

Application Parafac on Spectral Data

Defense presentation slides (PowerPoint 13.8MB)

Quantitative, Qualitative and Exploratory Analysis of Food Using Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

 Author  Åsmund Rinnan  Author  Elisabeth Micklander
 Defense  May 2004  Defense  June 2004
 Document  PDF (6.3MB), English  Document  PDF (8.3MB), English

Multivariate Analysis of High-Field NMR Data in Food and Medicine

Screening analyses for quality criteria in barley
Predicting germinative and physical-chemical properties by spectroscopy evaluated by multivariate data analysis

 Author  Marianne Dyrby  Author  Birthe Pontoppidan Møller
 Defense  March 2004  Defense  April 2004
 Document  PDF (1.2MB), English  Document  PDF (5.8MB), English

Fast quality assessment of barley and wheat: Chemometric exploration of instrumental data with single seed applications

 New aspects of chemometrics applied to spectroscopy

 - examples from research in fish production

 Author  Jesper Pram Nielsen  Author  Charlotte Møller Andersen
 Defense  October 2002  Defense  April 2003
 Document  PDF (20.5MB), English  Document  PDF (16.1MB), English

Spectroscopic and Chemometric exploration of food quality - Early prediction of meat quality

Low-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Chemometrics Applied in Food Science

 Author  Dorthe Kjaer Pedersen  Author  Henrik Toft Pedersen
 Defense  May 2002  Defense  December 2001
 Document  PDF (12.4MB), English  Document  PDF (0.6MB), English

Optimal Process Analyzer Selection and Positioning for Plant-Wide Monitoring

Analysis of Color Impurities in Sugar Processing using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometrics

 Author  Frans van den Berg  Author  Dorrit Baunsgaard
 Defense  October 2001  Defense  August 2000
 Document  PDF (1.0MB), English  Document  PDF (2.8MB), English

Exploratory Multivariate Data Analysis with Applications in Food Technology

Spectroscopic Analyses on Dairy Products

 Author  Claus A. Andersson  Author  Per Waaben Hansen
 Defense  July 2000  Defense  January 1999
 Document  PDF (6.8MB), English  Document  PDF (6.4MB), English

On-line Evaluation of Meat Quality Using Multivariate Data Techniques

Multi-way analysis in the Food Industry, Models Algorithms, and Applications

 Author  Jesper Brøndum  Author  Rasmus Bro
 Defense  September 1999  Defense  1998
 Document  ZIP containing PDF's (4.9MB), English  Document  PDF (2.4MB), English
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