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Lars Munck


Photo gallery Honorary symposium "The exploratory spirit in utilising the multivariate advantage”, June 16, 2005

Curiculum Vitae

Name:  Lars Munck Date of birth: July 19, 1935
Position: Professor in Food Technology 1991-2005
Senior Research Fellow 2005-present




The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
Chemometrics and Spectroscopy Group
Quality and Technology
Department of Food Science
Rolighedsvej 30, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C
Telephone +45 3528 3358
Telefax +45 3528 3245


University of Lund, Sweden  D.Sc. (Fil.Dr.) 1972

Keywords: chemometrics, spectroscopy, quality control, mutation genetics, system biology, biological self orginization


Professional experience

Researcher, Genetics Institute, University of Lund, Sweden   1959 - 1972
Docent in Genetics, University of Lund, Sweden   1972
Research Chemist, The Swedish Seed Association, Svalöf, Sweden (National Plant Breeding Institute)   1963 - 1972
Head, Dept. of Biotechnology, Carlsberg Research Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark   1972 - 1989
Research Manager, Process Control Development, Carlsberg Breweries, Copenhagen, Denmark   1990 - 1991
Professor in Food Technology, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Frederiksberg, Denmark   1991 - 2005
Founder of the Research Group on Chemometrics and Spectroscopy at the section of Food Quality and Technology, Department of Food Science   1993
Head of the Research group   1992 - 2001
Senior Research Fellow, Department of Food Science, FOOD.KU.SPECC   2005 - present

Memberships and Awards
The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters   1978
The Danish Academy of Technological Sciences   1978
The Royal Physiographic Society Lund, Sweden   1986
The Danish Council for Veterinary and Agricultural Research   1993 - 1999
Member of the Nordic Committae for Food Analyses NMKL   1993 - 2004
Vice-chairman the Danish Research Councils, Committe on Biotechnology   1994 - 1999
The Swedish Council for Veterinary and Agricultural Research   1997 - 2003
The Royal Danish Order of the Dannebrog   2000
The Award of the Danish Society of Chemometrics for Contributions to Chemometrics in Denmark   2011
(See literature list.)

I have started and implemented three research groups from scratch.

1. 1963-1972 A group on Plant-breeding for Nutritional quality in Cereals at the plant breeding institute Swedish Seed Association (Svalöf, Sweden)

2 1973 -1991 Department of Biotechnology at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory (Carlsberg Breweries), Valby Copenhagen. Research on Process Analytical Control (PAT) in the food industry, Molecular Biology of Barley, Plant breeding for malt and nutritional improvement in barley and sorghum, and development of cereals as a renewable resource

3. 1991- 2005 Chemometrics and Spectroscopy group including Plant Food technology now established as the Quality and Technology area at Department of Food Science, Life Science Faculty, University of Copenhagen. I have since 2005 continued my research as senior scientist

The common denominator of my research since 1960 has been the development of chemical and spectroscopic screening methods and data evaluation for quality control and technological improvement in food production chains as well as for basic genetic and molecular research connected to Systems Biology (publication 241). All activities are summarized in the book “The Revolutionary Aspect of Chemometric Technology from 2005 (publications 240 and 246) that can be freely ordered by e-mailing

I contributed in the detection of the first high-lysine barley gene from an inventory of the World Barley Collection identified by a dye binding screening method (Science, 1970, 168, 985-987, publication 31). We have now about 20 different endosperm mutants that are ideal to study gene expression of individual genes in a controlled genetic background by spectroscopy (publications 243 and 244) and to verify the principles in treating data from self-organizational systems by data inspection and chemometrics (publication 246).

The applications are:
1. Spectroscopic analyses (publications 241 and 242) evaluated by chemometrics as a tool for exploratory unsupervised data analysis for mutant and gene selection in genetics, biotechnology (Systems Biology) and plant breeding with barley as a model organism.

2. On-line process analytical technology (PAT) and quality control (publications 197, 222-236),

3. Basic research in understanding the phenomenological nature of self-organized networks by applying Ilya Prigogines theory (see Prigogine, I, "The End of Certainty", The Free Press, N.Y. USA, 1997) in biology including the need for a (spectroscopic) overview, data inspection and a multivariate self-modelling software (chemometrics). This work aims at explaining the surprising applicability of chemometrics in biology and extending its theory by physical-chemical interpretation. See recent publications 238 - 252.

Present activities

I am involved in research projects with students and staff from our research group together with my successor, present Head of the research group Professor Søren Balling Engelsen, associated professors Birthe Møller and Åsmund Rinnan, and postdoc Bekzod Khakimov. We use barley as a model organism in Systems Biology with implications in genetics, biotechnology, carbohydrate chemistry food technology and nutrition. We have identified six low starch mutants by Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and chemometrics as beta-glucan compensating starch mutants. The beta glucan content is increased up to 3.7 times and the caloric content approximately halved.

Barley mutants are specifically classified by their specific patterns in NIR-leading to new practical possibilities as well as giving rise to new theoretical concepts in genetics and biotechnology. Thus we can define the "phenome" as a physical-chemical fingerprint by NIR and the genetic term pleiotropy (one gene influences several genes and traits) as the difference between the spectra of the mutant and the wild type. The use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in our endosperm mutant model enables an unique physiochemical overview of a cell/tissue that is essential for an exploratory approach to Systems Biology by chemometrics and data inspection. Our aim is experimentally to verify and advance Iliya Prigogines theory on Self-organisation.

Publications 1962-2016
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