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Presentations by R. Bro


Tensor models in bioinformatics Multilinear PLS regression Metabonomics  
Talk on tensors given at Workshop on Algorithms for Modern Massive Data Sets, Stanford University, June 21–24, 2006 Talk on N-PLS given at CAMO user meeting, April 2005 Talk from SSC9 August 2005 in Iceland  


Multilinear analysis in chemistry, SIAM 2005, Orlando Unique Spectral decomposition of high resolution NMR EAS 2004 Award talk
Multiway analysis applied in the chemical sciences, talk presented at SIAM Conference on Computational Science & Engineering PARAFAC model of DOSY data (presented at 7th International Conference on Application of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science, 13-15 September 2004, Copenhagen Presented at EAS 2004, NJ, on occasion of the EAS chemometric award


COMFAC Chemometrics Sensory models
A new algorithm for fitting the trilinear PARAFAC model (also for complex-valued parameters) An introduction to chemometrics (in Danish!) A presentation of a new generalized model (IndSens) for sensory data


Multi-way analysis I Multi-way analysis II PARAFAC
Introduction to multi-way analysis part I Introduction to multi-way analysis part II A tutorial on PARAFAC analysis


N-PLS Multilinear PLS regression Thesis
A description of the multi-way version of partial least squares regression Talk presented at Paris 1999 A thesis on advanced multi-way analysis (PDF format and huge!)


NIR 2000 Handbook in Chemometrics MILES - simple general algorithm for maximum likelihood fitting
Talk given at 4th European Symposium on Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectroscopy Integration in Process Control, 10-12 May 2000, Kolding, Denmark Danish text-book on chemometrics Presentation given at SSC7 in August 2001 (see report as well). 


Centering and scaling    
Paper presented at SSC6 and to be published in Journal of Chemometrics    


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