Please note that the program and titles below are preliminary.


The scientific program will consist of a mix of invited keynote speakers, short contributed lectures and two poster sessions with focus on the following themes:


Sensory science, aroma and flavor



Authenticity and quantification of food




Functionality, structure and ingredients




Applications of solid state NMR methods




New NMR methods and instrumentation


 Poster abstracts ...


Sunday 12th 12:00-15:30 Conference registration desk open (map; PDF)
  16:00-18:00 Welcome reception at Carlsberg A/S
Monday 13th 08:00 Registration (map; PDF)
  09:00 Opening ceremony


Sensory Science, Aroma and Flavor - Chairman: Peter Belton

Keynote: fMRI and sensory perception of food - Edmund Rolls



HR-MAS NMR to study quality changes in fish by-products

Eva Falch

  10:25-10:50 Coffee


The ILT/MAXENT DOSY application to study gel structures and aroma self-diffusions, correlations

Thierry Gostan



On the use of low field NMR methods for the determination of total lipid content in marine products

Geir Humborstad Sørland



Molecular mobility in the glassy and rubbery states as studied by time domain 1H NMR

Imad A. Farhat


Lunch (map; KVL)




Authenticity and quantification of food - Chairman: Søren B. Engelsen

Keynote: Authenticity of food and SNIF-NMR - Gérard J. Martin



HPLC-SPE-NMR: a productivity tool in natural products research

Jerzy W. Jaroszewski




Non-destructive compositional analyses of  Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) by 1H MR spectroscopy: a tool to authenticate seafood and product claims

I. S. Gribbestad


Posters + Exhibitions + Coffee




Authenticity and quantification of food - Chairman: Søren B. Engelsen

Keynote: Applications of hyphenated NMR to the study of food - Manfred Spraul




Off- and On-line measurement of moisture and structural changes upon heating chicken meat by hot air using magnetic resonance techniques

Sharifudin Md. Shaarani



MRI and NMR spectroscopy study of post-harvest maturing coconut

Nikolaus Nestle



Blends analysis of Arabica and Robusta raw coffees species through 1H NMR and chemometric methods

Antonio Gilberto Ferreira

Tuesday 14th 08:30


Functionality, Structure and Ingredients - Chairman: Ulf Andersen

Keynote: Use of state-of-the-art NMR for detailed analysis of beverages - Jens Ø. Duus



Quantitation of Mixing Index in a Single-Screw Extruder using MRI

M. H. Gao Amin



ESR and NMR spectroscopy studies on emulsions containing β-lactoglubulin and oxidised methyl linoleate

Nazlin Howell


Posters + Exhibitions + Coffee




Functionality, Structure and Ingredients - Chairman: Ulf Andersen

Keynote: Paramagnetic challenges in NMR measurements of foods - Francesco Capozzi



Direct flow injection NMR as a tool for the high throughput screening of oils from various botanical origins

S. Rezzi



Warping: Investigation of NMR-signal Pre-processing and Correction

Frans van den Berg


Lunch (map; PDF)




Applications of Solid State Methods - Chairman: Hans J. Jakobsen

Keynote: HR-MAS NMR on food/microorganisms - Lennart Kenne



Multiexponential modeling of diffusion in meat at large B-values by MRI

J. M. Bonny



Study of Fat and Water in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Muscle by Low Field NMR and MRI

Emil Veliyulin

  15:20-15:45 Coffee


Applications of Solid State Methods - Chairman: Hans J. Jakobsen

Keynote: Slow-MAS NMR methods to study metabolic processes in-vivo and in-vitro
 - Robert A. Wind



Relaxation in crystalline and glassy sugars

Peter S. Belton



  18:00 Departure for conference dinner
Wednesday 15th 09:00


New NMR methods and Instrumentation - Chairman: Jens Ø. Duus

Keynote: Towards on-line NMR - Brain Hills




Determination of the apparent diffusion coefficient of water in red blood cell by high field pulsed field gradient (PFG) NMR using various pulse sequences

Cherl-Ho Lee



A new principle derived from psychology for unique spectral decomposition of 2D NMR data

Rasmus Bro



The effect of porous structure of rice on the hydration rate investigated by MRI

Aleš Mohorič

  11:00-11:25 Coffee


Orientation dependent NMR signal in sunflower seeds

D. J. Pusiol



Comprehensive phase compositional analysis of lipids in foods by means of time domain NMR

Elena Trezza




Two-dimension Laplace inversion NMR technique applied to the molecular properties of water in a dry-salted mozzarella-type cheese with varying salt concentration

Penny L. Hubbard


Farewell lunch (map; PDF)



 Poster abstracts ...



On Sunday (September 12) a welcome reception with snacks and drinks will be sponsored by Carlsberg A/S at the former Niels Bohr residence at Carlsberg. The reception is free for registered participants, please use entrance Gamle Carlsberg Vej 15 (see venue map, PDF) Internet



The conference dinner on Tuesday, September 14 will be served during a boat trip on Roskilde Fjord. This social event will allow the participants to get outside Copenhagen and see the beautiful fjord where the Vikings lived and fought. The dinner is included for all registered participants. Internet